Hamill Pools


For over 30 years Hamill Pools has been creating living environments, with custom swimming pool designs as their centerpieces. As a swimming pool contractor, we work to understand our customers dreams, needs and passions. Then we design and build practical, elegant pools and spaces that enhance their worlds. We know the importance of relaxation, especially with todays busy, hectic lifestyles. A quick swim after a long day at work, a few laps in the lap pool after your daily run, or just sitting by the pool reading a book while listening to the waterfall. The relaxing effects of a pool are almost endless.

...we design and build practical, elegant spaces that enhance your lifestyle.

Hamill Pools has developed a way of thinking where it encourages prospective customers to talk about their reasons for wanting a pool and what they hope will be the rewards of owning a pool. This strategy enables us to have a much clearer picture of each client's dream. All our pools, whether they be rectangular, L shaped, freeform, or lap pools, are custom designed and built to our clients requirements. Hamill Pools' goal is to create an environment conductive to relaxation by building quality swimming pools. You will be reassured by the vast experience of our team and delighted by the quality workmanship engineered into our concrete pools. Buying and building a Hamill Pools concrete swimming pool is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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